Friday, January 6, 2012


ON THEIR RECENT VISIT, I made reservations for us to have lunch at a nearby tearoom, a new experience for Owen. Frances thought that he recognized the special treatment.......the waitress pushed his chair closer to the table and tucked a napkin under his chin. His manners were impeccable (thank you, Father) and he was served ahead of the rest of us, finishing his egg salad sandwich before the rest of us began to eat. Out of a choice of lemonade, cocoa or tea, he selected hot chocolate. (At the Manor when offered ice cream for dessert, he had asked what flavors and when the waitress got to coffee after vanilla and chocolate, Owen said, "Oh, I don't drink coffee")

The owner of the T-Room practiced her craft in Russia before moving to the U.S. and no detail has been overlooked in making this place a highly attractive room.

After we finished our sandwiches, salads and scones, I asked Owen if he agreed that we were in a fancy place. Showing his maleness, Owen nodded and replied, "Too fancy". But I'm proud that the men in our family can weather a tea room lunch once in a while. Not all men would be that flexible.

Why our proclivity to exhibit silliness, I wonder? Chris couldn't resist the raised pinky long enough for a photo shot.

I digress, but on an earlier day, Chris had driven me to my chemotherapy treatment, after which we went to breakfast and the resulting photos showed an odd likeness in the handling of a coffee cup. Neither of us is using the handle which seems rather unusual and what are the chances of both of us exhibiting unusual behavior?

"Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on."  
                                                 ~Billy Connolly


  1. Age-related tremor dictates cup holding here.

  2. You betcha! Ted had better hold the cup with handle! We don't use dainties either. " )

    A Non Y Mouse

  3. Hello, it is nice reading your blog on a very large computer screen. It wouldn't let me post to the Tea Room Blog, but what I wrote was, Susan H writes: Oh how I wish I had written all the wonderful things my children said as they were growing up. I am very lucky that I was quite the letter writter, sometimes two a day, back home; my mother saved them and sent them to me a couple of years ago, possibly 500 letters. I am in the process of typing them on the computer. 1985 - I wrote that I had asked Ryan, then 4 years old, "How much do you love me?" He replied, "Oh, about 4 pounds." I had expected that he would stretch out his arms like we did when we played. Cuteness. Owen is the king of saying wonderful, quotables! I hold my coffee cup the same way, without the pinky.

    Also, even the librarian assisting me in holding Blood, Bones and Butter was amazed that it is checked out in all our local libraries and many already on hold for their return. I am on the list. They don't call, but will mail me when it is in. She wants to read it now. I told her after me. I need to figure internet out at my house. I have only few minutes left to use the library one and I wanted to check flicker and facebook. You and Dad sure look good. That is probably why Jill told me she was so glad that he doesn't have cancer any more and is in the clear. Not my understanding of the situation but like you said, "You can't see cancer" I sure do love you guys. love, /susan

  4. What a charming post--Owen sounds like a little sweetheart. Love the photos of you and Chris with the cups. You all look great!

  5. Another fun family story..sch wonderful senses of humor...all of you!

  6. Owen is quite the young man!! Adorable:) I'm so glad you're helping to raise him as a well-rounded male!