Thursday, January 5, 2012


TRADITIONALLY, when January 1 falls on a Sunday the Rose Parade is scheduled for the following day.

This was a Monday year and Mr. Bob was determined to get a picture of the Stealth as it passed over us on the way to start the parade in Pasadena which is just over the hill.


Did you watch the parade from wherever you were? My very favorite float was sponsored by Trader Joe's, a specialty market chain where we do at least half of our shopping. They have attractive $1 greeting cards, plants, freshly squeezed tangerine juice, yummy scones, hard boiled eggs; it's silly for me to even try to describe the place. If you don't have a TJ where you live, visit here and weep. FEARLESS FLYER is the name of their advertising sheet and each time a new one comes out, we pore over it to see what's new and recommended.

I think, but I'm not sure, that it was built by store employees and I know for sure people were chosen from the ranks to ride on the float. Mind you, everything is made from flowers.

Last evening as we left the dining room after supper we passed the tea room and saw 2 tables laden with vases of posies. They were flowers from some of the Rose Parade floats, donated to retirement homes and we were welcome to take a container of them to our room. 

What a nice idea......don't you think?


  1. It's a wonder Mr. Bob hasn't killed you by now with some of the positions you've photographed him in !!!!!! ha ha

    This is just delightful...I had no idea you were so close to all of the festivities. Great great pictures.

    I love the flowers from the Rose Parade floats. It is indeed a nifty idea...nothing going to waste. A great way to recycle..posies. : )

    I've never been to a Trader Joes...but through your eyes. I've always wanted to but we don't have any in our area at all.

    You've been our eyes and ears for so many things in life....and I, for one...say.. THANK YOU.

  2. We love Trader Joe's too! Good job getting "the picture" Uncle Bob! Love, Shelley

  3. We finally get to see the bottom of Mr. Bob's feet. Not bad. Not bad at all.

  4. What a sweet and generous use of the excess flowers. I had no idea. Much better than discarding them. I'm always mesmerized by the beauty of the floats. Seeing the stealth bomber must be powerful. Especially when viewed in your undies ;)

  5. Another good one. Somehow, I didn't see Trader Joe's float - one of those quick trips out of the room,, I guess but I DID see the stealth bomber fly right over and heard it loud and clear. Nice parade, great day. Wonderful way to start the year -homemade pumpkin bread, an orange, and coffee. YUMMMM

  6. I had a great front row seat at the parade last year....This year, with sleep, I watched from home twice. I too love love love Trader Joes and their fearless flyer. How wonderful to get flowers to remind you of the glory of the Rose Parade! and Bob...what a gracious fellow to have such pictures taken!

  7. FYI, Mr Bob is wearing his "sleepwear ". Even I wouldn't photograph him in his underwear although in one of my sketchbooks there's a little watercolor sketch of him at the ironing board in his Jockey shorts

  8. That really IS a nice idea! Sweet photos!

  9. That stealth flew right over our house and made me hug the ground! Husband was across the street on the top of the hill but it flew more over me on the front porch - quite a sight - and HE had the camera too - oh well! Good to read your blog and know you two are feeling well and good - I get updates on the "Manor" from my hairdressers! Happy Belated New year!