Monday, January 30, 2012


NEARLY EVERY MONTH a champagne brunch is offered at the Manor. Guests are invited.....people who might someday consider moving into this facility. I'm sure a lot of people come just to take advantage of one of the finest spreads in town with no intention whatsoever of becoming a resident in the future. We, ourselves, attended many times, ahead of making the move, but we knew this would be our future home. Nevertheless, I'm a little embarrassed now to think of how often we took advantage of it.

This is the only picture we took yesterday of it, but the presentation of the shrimp was impressive. The frozen marble slab is put on ice thus keeping the shrimp cold and fresh. Did you ever hear that when we buy shrimp we shouldn't even stop to talk to a neighbor on the way home to get the shellfish into an ice box?

I wish I could begin to list all the items on the menu, but I'll forget at least half of them. Bagels and lox, salads, fresh fruit platters (no tired fruit, ever, at the Manor) a waffle and omelet station, bacon, sausage, vegetables, potato pancakes with sour cream and applesauce, chicken marsala, lamb chops, a carving station for prime rib, the works! Champagne, Mimosas, sparkling cider, plus a groaning dessert table full of pastries.

What I love about it here, is that food is brought out in small batches and replenished often, thus providing utter freshness rather than the usual buffet fare which wilts as time goes on.

We eat too much and then wonder of wonders, report back in 4 hours for supper. It's a good life!

"Oh, my dear, it's a buffet. I have chicken a la king. I have cold turkey. I have hot rolls. I have cold ham. I have a big watermelon, all filled with fresh fruit.
                                                                                                                                         Perle Mesta


  1. Looks and sounds wonderful. I often call my daughter the Perle Mesta of La Canada.

  2. I ran into 4 friends from my former condo at the brunch. All wish to sell their units and move here (probably) but real estate as it is, are still holding tight. I see them here at most brunches, which they like! Hope it works out soon - I caught a little upswing before prices went down again, and I sold and moved. But I'd planned to for 8 years. One said she was waiting until she needed more help. Jeannette (Windsor's Marketing Director) said we are completely full in both nursing and assisted living.

    Don't miss the boat, by waiting too long!


  3. Thanks for the shrimp tip! I keep a little cooler in my car--to shield items from the heat, if needed. Now I will be even more judicious if picking up shrimp--- and floor it all the way home.

    Jane, this beautiful picture reminds me of your Grand Aioli Spring spread! Almost time for that annual feast.

    Thanks for the chicken wing recipe shared previously. Perfect for Super Bowl weekend.

  4. Yes... that recipe sounds tasty.. I will need to adjust to make it lower calorie!! wish i was closer to retirement, so i could sample the treats in my possible new home!!!

  5. And then you might miss cooking. I long to dabble......try out a single dish, not put together a whole meal.

  6. Yes, I would miss the control one has when cooking for one's self.

  7. Wow - it all looks so great - Dave and I might have to make future plans to come and live there someday - and it would only be a few steps away! That