Monday, January 2, 2012


We get sack suppers on holidays. Before today's parade the Stealth flew right over the Manor patio on its way to Pasadena. Be still, my heart! Why it should be so thrilling, I don't know.

Virginia, a Marine, toasts the New Year.

It's a tradition for me to wear a Christmas tree star garland. Once I forgot to take it off at the shop and at midnight it had become twisted and tangled around my throat. I worked and worked to get it off before realizing that a $3.95 item could be clipped and retied.
MaryMil, our newest resident, called the day the newsletter was distributed to tell me she liked my column! 

Seen outside a doctor's office, this summed up a close to the holidays.


  1. Happy new year. Your final picture was very poignant.

  2. Woman, you look GOOD for someone being treated for cancer!!!!

  3. Thank you for these pics and Virginia. she looks good! I saw your poster in the elevator. I imagine the stealth overhead brought the parade to you in a way!

  4. As always, wonderful photos and post. Happiest of New Years to you and Bob--may 2012 be very good to you both.

  5. That poinsetta outside the Dr. office looks like I tend to feel after the holidays...wilted and worn out....probably due to the extra weight I gain over the 10 days...rusti

  6. Well that explains it - I was outside waiting for the Stealth to fly over, heard it somewhat south of here - they decided to buzz the manor this time - your turn this year. It is definitely a stirring sight.

  7. Great site as usual. Keep us hopin' LAV
    A Non Y Mouse