Monday, January 16, 2012


WHILE DOING SOME WORK on the February newsletter last evening, I came upon the quotation I wanted yesterday to go with the cloud pictures.  My filing system isn't what it should be.

And when I awakened this morning and lay there gazing at the sky from our place in the universe, the clouds slowly became tinted and I had to leave my warm nest to go get my camera.

“Never, never again
This moment, never, those slow
ripples across smooth water,
Never again these clouds white and gray....
The sun that rose from the sea this morning will never return for the broadcast light that
brightens the leaves and glances on water will travel tonight on its long journey, out of the universe, never this sun, this world, and never again this watcher.”
                                    Kathleen Raine

To me, it's interesting to realize that we, too, are changing  minute by minute and won't ever be quite the same as we were just seconds ago. 


  1. Nice one. Thank you for posting so regularly. That way I get at least one personal message among the offers to sell and requests for donations!

  2. Great one. That is the truth ! A Non Y Mouse

  3. Beautiful skies, and yes, it is amazing that we're all changing every second of every day. Don't they say something like every 7 years or so, every cell in our bodies is completely new/different?

  4. That is a gorgeous picture of the pinkish colors that seem to drift into the rooms in the early mornings through the glass.
    The cats especially love it - it turns them all pink as they stare into the tree in the backyard with all the birds in it!

  5. Susan H writes: I remember as a child having pictures, flocked pictures of clouds that would change color according to the weather. Is that a possible memory mom?