Tuesday, January 17, 2012


SLEEPING BEAUTIES are my specialty. 

For a mother, there's nothing like having the family safe under one roof.

Dear Winnie fell asleep waiting for the entertainment. I asked an aide to awaken her gently so she wouldn't miss the program. 

Never before published. This woman crossed me seriously. Getting even.

My darling Mr. Bob can sleep any time, anywhere.

 Susan, during one of our hospital stays. She's such a fine advocate.

My favorite curmudgeon catching 40 winks.

Sweet dreams

Mr. Bob, doing paperwork.

Snapped in Chinatown.

Double slumber

"Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds."
~JoJo Jensen


  1. i love the getting even photo! ha! good for you.

    denise f in c'ville va

  2. What great photos! And I cracked up at the woman in the getting even photo. Too funny.

  3. Does the dictionary have a name for falling asleep under the influence of TOO MUCH PAPERWORK!!!!

    And, Sweet Dreams would surely win a local photo contest! Fabulous picture and TITLE!!!!!

  4. OMG POicture #3 was a hoot!!!! And I loved the one of Don - one of my favorite people.

  5. Fun fun....I like how most of the pictures are just people simply napping. A couple, the get even and the two nappers have the best stories..oh of course, Bob, surprising that with all the slipping or napping, he still has time to enjoy life!He has helped raise a napping family!

  6. What great photo.s I have enjoyed so much. Thank you Jane.

  7. Susan H writes: I thought I might be spared. I too love the third picture and know the story. I so much prefer the napping picture of myself ratger than the video Chris took of me at the very same hospital sitting on the Dad's bed using hospital tape to 'wax' my upper lip. I think it's funny...........love the photos. I hadn't seen the one of Chris and baby Owen.

  8. I have the book: "The Napping House"!


  9. What a lot of great shots ! Thank you ! A Non Y Mouse

  10. You revealed all our devious desires to get even and did it for us all. Thanks! A great series of photos. I must start photographing my husband too, though I do not think he would think it was funny or take it as well as Bob. The Oslo Mom

  11. I saw this license plate frame on the way to work today: