Saturday, January 28, 2012


AS A PASSENGER I thrived (or did I throve?) on taking pictures of people at bus stops as we drove past. No more, now that I occupy the driver's seat. These are just a few from my collection, nothing to brag about, but a slice of life that I find interesting.

I've not used public transportation much myself and when I have, it's always accompanied by worry that I won't have the right change and the driver might have to bark at me. I've seen it happen.

We've ridden atop a double-decker bus in the heart of London and on various tour buses in our travels, which doesn't quite count. 

This stop is on an island in Montrose. Beyond the bridge you can see the hospital we've been frequenting.

I find the structures interesting and the benches and even the ads, and of course the people waiting for their rides.

I find it a poignant sight to see someone running for a bus that has just pulled away from the curb. It's a good test of how compassionate the driver is.

Sedentary soul that I am, I guess I just like to see people on the move or in the midst of going somewhere.

From our apartment windows, if I look far, far away I can see 2 different freeways against a background of the mountains and the ant-like stream of  cars and trucks signify travel even if it may simply be a routine commute.

"I'd rather go by bus." 

                         Prince Charles 


  1. Oh does this look like LA!
    I love your photos, Jane....


  2. These are wonderful shots.! You are a whiz ! A Non Y Mouse

  3. Who are these Americans who choose public transportation over the automobile?

  4. I often wonder what we'd be reading if we were so lucky enough to read the works of "baby Jane" or the writings from when you first discovered that you had this gift. I'll bet when you first learned to kept a little journal. It just seems fitting.

    I can only imagine what the young girl Jane would have written about....through her eyes. I'm sure it would have been just as interesting as what we read and see now. The go along with your wonderful journalism...always terrific.

    Keep up the good've got very faithful readers in us.

  5. People who ride The Bus are some of the most considerate, salt of the earth folks you will ever encounter, It is not obvious at first glance, but it's worth exploring.

  6. I agree with all the others. I too love the people in the ordinary. I have rode the bus and most often, when alone, ride up front! For some reason, in a double seat, the odd fellow takes that seat. Go figure!