Friday, January 13, 2012


I'M NEVER SURE what's okay to tell and what isn't. My purpose isn't to betray confidences and I try not to include anything that would embarrass the subject. Once in a while, I look out over one of our public rooms and am overwhelmed by a feeling of love.......a fierce love for those of us in our collective family here at the Manor........yes, even the ones with whom I don't resonate. The loveable, the unloveable, the complainers, the beams of sunshine. Human nature shows all around, perhaps the more so in the elderly.

Midge has a piano in her room and hopes that no one hears her practice.

Dot, at the left, is from the East Coast originally. She's as avant-garde as anyone here.
Helen and her Baptist minister husband, Rudy; Helen had a stroke back in the 80s and is one of the most cheerful people at the Manor.

Darling Glenys who claims to feel physically awful 100% of the time but always has a smile and a caring for others.

MaryMil, our newest resident, is a delight and is thrilled with the food served here. 
Ernestine, to the left, is the Residents' secretary and Evelyn is the organizer of the group of wise women known as "The Crones". Ernestine is a Crone, too.

Lola is about as big as a minute. She loves opera on the radio and once when told by a male resident to turn the volume down told him, "No and you can just get used to it."

Helen, to the right, is scheduled for cataract surgery a week from today. 

All of these pictures were taken last night at our monthly birthday dinner. Here Diana, Sona and Verjik sing in celebration.

Lucky us! It was gooooooood!


  1. Whoever makes the menues surely should be congratulated....they are lovely and certainly add to the specialness of the evening.
    Enjoy seeing pics of other residents....look like such a jolly group....Rusti

  2. ahhhh... I will share the menu (and the poster) with our Director of Dining Services. I love, love, love this! Our birthday dinner is held the third Thursday of the month. I must get photos.

  3. I love your attitude, loving us all. I'll consider it for myself - sometime. But you are (genuinely, I believe) cheerful and enthusiastic and that is so great. We need more. And in that I'll try to join you, neighbor! #409.

  4. Great little stories ! I love your site ! A Non Y Mouse

  5. i love seeing the faces of those who live there. I look intently and i know any? What i do know is fun is what you spread in your manner and in turn, you get it back!

  6. If my powers of observation serve me right---about 1/3 of the women are still fighting the good fight of reminding Mother Nature what her original gift of hair color is/was; about 1/3 are still removed from having to face the battle, and about 1/3 have gracefully embraced their natural beauty.

  7. Thank you for sharing "your people" with us.

    This simply gives me pure joy that shivers through my a very good way.

    God Bless you..dear soul.

  8. Susan H writes: My peeps. How I miss everyone. Interesting that it only takes a few visits to have your neighbors feel like family to me. I love seeing the pictures. I would like to come visit again, but not because I am needed for support just for fun..............Hello to all!