Friday, December 10, 2010


Last year, Mr. Bob missed it. When Manor residents gathered to celebrate December birthdays, he was languishing in a respite room recovering from hernia surgery performed earlier in the day.

This year he was up and running and even though we each had to try on several outfits before coming up with something that would fit, we finally found something presentable and putting smiles on our faces, we headed for the elevator.

Even though we're in a Presbyterian home, libations are offered before birthday dinners and a happy hour before Friday's supper has recently been instituted. The pious disapprove, but the majority of residents quite like the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine.

After being seated at one of the two tables of birthday celebrants, we proceeded to enjoy the following:

Chef Forde and his crew in the kitchen do a superb job and the wait staff encourages the frivolity. The champagne flows or sparkling cider......take your pick. The noise level is at a peak......we're not rowdy, but we are hard of hearing.

Mr. Bob toyed with birthday favors and I could hardly complain.

Happy Birthday, dear heart!

Don't cringe, there will be more celebration on your real birthday on Christmas Eve. Grin and bear it, my love. This, too, shall pass.


  1. Wonderful! I love it. I can hardly believe you've already been at the Manor a year! Doesn't seem possible. It really sounds like a nice place.

  2. You certainly get well looked after and what fun you all have, never a dull moment.

  3. Oh my.... a year plus already!!! What a fun event....I am glad a glass of wine can now be enjoyed at such a festive event!

  4. I did not know this was from the Messiah until I was in my teens. I remember Mom singing it to Dad on his birthday 12/24, "Unto us a child is given, unto us a child is born................" Happy almost birthday Dad!!!!

    Susan H

  5. Amazing the December birthday's in our family. Justin 12/22, Dad 12/24, Jill 12/24, Kristine 12/28