Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Every other Sunday, on Tim's calendar, is marked as "Parents' Day", meaning that he comes to the Manor and willingly helps with whatever I've come up with, usually mundane tasks. Often he joins us for dinner in the dining room and usually Mr. Bob opts to stay home rather than joining us on errands.

Last Sunday, however, we all set out to go to 2 stores I've long had on my unending list of places I want to go. That's the same list that Mr. Bob thinks we're shortening, every time we cross an item off; he still hasn't grasped the idea that I keep adding to the bottom of the checklist.

Our destination was the Silverlake District, rather an alternative, artsy area, with an ambience that borders on the carnival. It's peopled largely by a young crowd that parted to make way for us old folks with our canes. Tap, tap, tap, we made our way to the doorway of a store called The Reform School.

I'd nearly forgotten the thrill of shopping in an independently owned store where the merchandise is carefully chosen without the repetition that gets so tiresome. We browsed, I practiced restraint and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Mr. Bob making a purchase! Who'da thunk it? He chose a moon calendar for 2011.

Leaving that emporium, we headed for the Cheese Store of Silverlake. Years and years ago, I'd jotted down the name as a place that carried a breakfast cheese that struck me as being something I'd like. I don't partake of stinky cheeses, and this was described as mild and creamy, just right for my taste. When I requested it, the first reaction was a puzzled look and a negative answer. The clerk disappeared for a bit........long enough for Mr. Bob to purchase a small wedge of Challerhocker Swiss cheese for himself.......and reappeared with the information of where I could get it, written on a piece of butcher paper.  Such good customer service pleased me and we happily traded places with Tim so he could go in and look around while we sat with Tulip, who wasn't the only pup out for a Sunday walk on a leash.........all were friendly, no barking; just a lot of sniffing.

As we went back to the car, I gathered as many sights as possible, sometimes remembering to use the camera.

Our last stop was at Sumi's in Silverlake
There I found a Christmas present which solved a previous dilemma. 

It was a soul satisfying outing, made all the more pleasurable by the presence of Mr. Bob in a good mood. Tim never acts as though these Parents' Days are a burden. Bless his heart.


  1. Looks like you had some fun lookin' .
    A Non Y Mouse

  2. Looks like you had some fun.
    A Non Y Mouse

  3. I think Tim enjoys you guys, too, though! Great photos, and I want those striped bags. It's cold outside here, too! Fun post.

  4. How fun. Your son reminds me of my younger brother who spends lots of time helping mom out. More and more memories to share with us!

  5. Susan writes: Silverlake has changed - for the better. I can remember as a kid it was a place to avoid, gangs and violence. It looks like a wonderful place to shop, window shop. I love the photo of Tim and the Cheese Shop. Excellent blog.

  6. Connie writes:

    Enjoyed this entry, especially. It's been years since I've been to Silverlake - looks like more fun than ever. Aren't you the lucky ones to have a congenial son in the area.

    P.S. Don't know how to use the "categories" to post a response to your blog !

  7. Lisa writes:

    Such an artist with words and pictures!



  8. ya know...your a trip, never letting anything get in the way of you having a good time or starting a new adventure. Lucky Tim and mr. Bob who "get to" enjoy your company and put a smile on your face. I always enjoy hearing about and seeing the wonderful things and places you seem to find. Please don`t let anything hold you back...and if those two poop out, give the ol` "Montrose Miner" a call...his motor is always running !