Friday, December 17, 2010


This is the group that gets together on holidays to celebrate. Much as we enjoy tradition, I, without meaning to be perverse, like it sometimes to be expressed in different ways. A few years ago I suggested that we have a progressive Christmas dinner and the others agreed.

We started with appetizers at Tim's house in Hollywood. He has created a Craftsman surrounding and it was a cozy place in which to start that year's celebration. I think I was the one who insisted on getting a group picture in each location; a nuisance at the time, but such a treasure later, at least in my own eyes.

From Tim's we made the 20 minute drive to our house where the next course was cream of cauliflower soup served in glass mugs.

and the obligatory group shot.

On to Fiona's snug little abode, always splendidly decorated for the season where she had a beautifully set round table where we sat

for the entrée. We reveled in the silly fun of opening English Christmas crackers, donning the paper crowns and reading the jokes.

Pretty soon we settled down enough to wend our way to the next home.......Diane and Roger's, for dessert, where Roger went upstairs to set up the camera and then did the 30 yard dash to get downstairs from the balcony to get into the picture. He doesn't even look out of breath.

We'd made ourselves a Christmas memory. 

Another opportunity for a memory bank deposit will appear next Sunday now that Roger is home from the hospital and making rapid progress in recuperation. We hope memory making events are taking place in your lives, too, this holiday season.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a Happy New Year!

    God bless you with all that He is.

  2. Merry Christmas to you. I love your traditions!!! Thank you for bringing more of the season to me and my loved ones during this less than prosperous year. It is all a matter of how you look at things! :-)

  3. Sandy wrote:

    Last Christmas, my sister and I (after Jordan) were in Dublin - the most popular show was based (how did they figure that out?) on your current blog. They would go to various houses where people, reg'lar people, would prepare dishes and they would vote at the end on which courses of the meal were the most successful. These shows ran night and day... in repeats, I imagine, but enough to feed my insatiable appetite for these shows. What can be more stupid than cooking shows that depend on taste when the audience can't taste, huh? Anyway, according to Mark the Chef, I thought these shows were destined for our airwaves... but I haven't seen them. Anyway, you were clearly there first.. and how wonderful!

  4. These are wonderful remembrances of your times together. Joe and I are always adamant about getting photos every time anyone gets together. People make fun of us, but they're always pleased when they see the photos that result. You're so right--memories in the making.

  5. Edie from Indiana writes:

    What a terrific idea. I loved seeing all the beautiful table settings and what fun you all must have together. I think it is so neat that Tim enjoys being with all of you too.