Sunday, December 19, 2010


I was young, very young, when the moment of realization hit. We were shopping in Chicago's Marshall Fields and it was Christmastime. On each floor we visited, there was Santa. I'm sure the idea was to give the impression that Santa was everywhere, but the difference in his appearance gave me pause. The memory is vivid as I recall putting two and two together and to this day, I actually can still feel the fading of Christmas innocence that took place in that moment.

I'm a big girl now and Santas are everywhere and it delights me. Today I'm sharing 3 of them with you.

This is such a special image and possibly my favorite Santa depiction of all time. Roger, our recuperating friend, made this long ago when he and his then bride were honeymooning in Lake Arrowhead, high in the San Bernardino mountains. Unexpectedly, they found themselves snowed in. Out of magazines, Roger fashioned this Santa, tearing strips of needed color, to create what I consider a masterpiece. Diane decorates to a fare-thee-well every year with a gorgeous collection of treasures. None surpasses this, in my opinion.

This wonderful Santa......just the right size to be a jolly old elf, lived with us for a long time. It was made to order by a Carmel Peninsula artist, the late Edyth Plamondon. She had sculpted several figures for us to display in the shop........characters from Beatrix Potter's tiny books; Peter Rabbit, Jemima Pudldleduck, Mrs. Tiggywinkle. We had a Red Riding Hood, too, and an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe and we sold them to the couple pictured here after we were through with shopkeeping. At that time, we I couldn't bring ourselves myself to part with Santa. Traditionally, he had graced our Christmas windows at the store, in fact his suit used to be a brilliant red which faded over the years. When we made the big life change involving getting rid of things, we called the Brasingtons who were delighted to add Santa to their collection. They, too, knew and loved Edyth who of necessity, lived such a moneyless life, that we used to think up things to order, knowing it would help her situation along with enriching our own lives.

This last Santa is a bit of a farce. Pauvre Monsieur Bob doesn't perceive Christmas as the wonder that many of us eperience. In fact, he's pretty much miserable the whole month of December. Not only does he have to weather Christmas, but his deplorable birthday falls on Christmas Eve. Agony is what he experiences. And as luck would have it, he married a woman who at one time, at least, exhibited the traits of a Sugarplum Fairy. Sigh.......he's in the mode of "This, too, shall pass". Poor dear. One more week, dear heart, and it'll be over. Meanwhile, I'm relishing every aspect of the holiday and the Manor knows how to celebrate. Lucky me.


  1. Trying again , wont take my comment today.
    3 santa's and 3 stories lovely Jane
    This a a very short comment because i think I may have problems again.

  2. My religious lessons came from music. I sang in choirs, choirs, choirs.
    In third grade I saw a Santa in my school feel up a disabled student. I am with Max on this.
    Christmas for me is giving everyday.
    A Non Y Mouse.

  3. LaVona, your third grade experience is about a loss of innocence! To sing in a choir must be a wonderful experience. Something about it really moves me.......out of many, one beautiful sound.

  4. I know you always say Bob doesn't like December, but that photo of him in that hat is pretty classic. Happy Birthday coming up, Bob!

    That cut out Santa is awesome!

  5. Again a fabulous post. My Christmas is so so sad as my funds are so so low, but i am looking for the meaning....and have found it as i knew in many places. Your joy of this holiday is blessed!!! I love it and i know your Bob loves you for it! Even if he looks to the new year with glee!

  6. La Vona that was an awful thing for anyone to see. I will balance it out with a Justin story. Justin will be 26 years old this Christmas. He is absolutely sure that Santa is. He starts traking Santa on the Norad website, has many a time stayed awake all night traking him. I have gently tried many a time to explain about Santa once he reached adulthood. Many chided me and say he sure has you figured out. Last night as I was at his house helping him pack I calmly mentioned that Santa is for children and he, justin, is an adult now. The look on his face tugged at my heart, devastation. Justin composed himself. He then said, "Mom, you just don't know. Santa will come."
    susan h

  7. from Erika:

    Roger's Santa IS a masterpiece....fabulous!
    I hope he is healing well.....

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jane!