Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"Damn!" might be more like it.

It seems that Mr. Bob's driving days are over. Hard news to take after eleven months of doing everything we could figure out to get his driver's license back. We went from doctor to doctor to doctor, until the search for answers finally culminated in enrolling in a Driver Rehabilitation Program at a local hospital where therapy and more therapy took place, trying to strengthen the offending weak ankle.  And then the disappointment of being told that the chances of regaining the right to drive were not good. It seems so odd to me that if the whole picture were recognized, it would fall to me to give up my right to navigate the roads whereas the really good driver in the family, Mr. Bob, could climb back in behind the wheel. But it is not to be.

We never took that extended road trip that was part of our plan when we moved into the Manor. One of my fantasies had been to let them know at the main desk that we'd be back in two months and placing one of those master locks on our apartment doorknob, leaving without a care in the world. No worry about accumulating mail or watering the garden.....none of those things that make a homeowner edgy at the thoughts of leaving town.

Luckily, I edited movies of many of our travels so that when the day came that we could no longer explore the backroads, we might sit back in our comfortable rockers, knitted afghans covering our knees, to watch the places we'd been. I didn't expect that day to arrive quite so soon.

We have the memories
Passing a field of oil wells
When the mustard was in bloom
past the Walt Disney Concert Hall

and Victorian houses in Alameda near Oakland
over the Ridge Route in spring when the poppies were in bloom
near Harrah's in Laughlin, NV
and hurrying back home, but that was in a different time; a different place.

We never know what's around the corner, do we?  
 Now we must think in terms of airplanes, trains, buses and taxis. 
Or of staying at home and watching those movies I made a while ago. The lesson in all this must be the reminder to enjoy the moment, appreciating what we have, the precious present at hand.


  1. You, dear Jane, are oh-so RIGHT! Enjoy the moment!

    But, you do have the best collection of Life's precious moments in the photos you have skillfully taken and the movies you have artfully stitched together!

    Love to you and Mr. B!
    Lisa Who Doesn't Have an Appropriate Profile

  2. So dissapointing for you both, especially after all that effort! You two certainly know how to make the most out of life and you live life to its fullest!

  3. oh my...dear Bob.....oh but for all your documenting. Never forget that there are other people who can drive you about. Allow Bob to now be escorted and able to see all he missed while driving you about!!!Love the pictures and Bob's profile!!!!! Lot of smiling......

  4. It's so true--enjoy the moment. I've certainly learned that this year more than any with things in our family. Maybe you can avail yourselves of Manor drives here and there? I'm sure it's not the same as that freedom, but maybe there will be different kinds of adventures in its place...Lovely images here...and memories.

  5. Every thing changes, enjoy your memories and all your photo's to help you.
    Good luck and best wishes.