Saturday, December 11, 2010



Music is what feelings sound like. 
~Author Unknown

The halls of the Manor are resounding with Christmas music as invited choral groups come share their collective talent with us. The above photo is of the Verdugo Hills Women's Chorus and on their final song they invited one of our residents who used to sing with their group to join them. The gesture was moving. So was the rendition where the chorus sang "Peace" and at the same time the residents sang "Silent Night". The blended sound was heavenly and I could barely hold back a sob, it was so lovely.

Last evening, residents' families were invited to a Christmas party. Costumed carolers entertained and delicious hors d'oeuvres and sweets were passed around, along with flutes of champagne. Tim was here and he and the atmosphere were jolly. 

As family members arrived, the greetings were warmly sincere; grandparents being honored, in this, their final home.
Tickets were distributed and a drawing marked the conclusion of the festivities. Many, many prizes were distributed and Tim opened his package to find a sort of necklace to hold a napkin across the chest, the kind that old folks use at mealtime.Tim was a good sport, saying that he eats dinner here twice a month and he'd use it then.

This is a good place to be in our latter years.  Such celebration was not part of our lives before we moved here. Mr. Bob was so overcome that he had to retire early to his room. Christmas is not his favorite time of year, more's the pity. Tim and I continued to play, listening and visiting with residents and fetching a glass of champagne for our dear friend, Nadine.   

The staff at the Manor is unbelievably helpful, maintaining good cheer all the while. They keep watch and if a resident needs help or another chair needs to be brought to a group, they immediately spring into action. I give thanks for all of them.

Dane from the Philippines; Lianna from Armenia

Be merry all, be merry all,
With holly dress the festive hall;
Prepare the song, the feast, the ball,
To welcome merry Christmas.
~William Robert Spencer. 


  1. What wonderful costumes they all have! Tim just makes me smile--he sounds like the best guy. You two have great kids, as I'm sure you know. Happy holidays--these photos are cheery.

  2. You remind me that Christmas is more about Dickens that it is about black friday.

  3. It looks so Christmasy!! susan h

  4. Thank You.... I too love the costumes...It looks like such fun! I love that your son time comes to visit so often. What a joy!!! Hope your Sunday is merry and bright!

  5. How lovely, no lonely people there, and so much kindness.
    I feel sorry for people spending Christmas alone.
    Love your photos Jane to enrich the story.

  6. Erika writes:


    I loved the photso pof this blog....what a great painting the chorus would make. I thought of those lovely women , positioned as they are, birdwatching.
    I see birdwatchers in the arroyo now and then...always makes me happy. Its such an almost archaic activity, with just the right passion.

    I hope your holidays are happy and am so glad to be reading your posts again!

    Merry Christmas and love!


  7. Val, your English house guestDecember 13, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    What a wonderful place to be in, everyone seems to be treated with great respect. Life seems to have got a whole lot busier since you moved out of your house and into The Manor. We hope to visit one day !
    Our group are off to sing carols in a nearby town tomorrow to raise money for a local charity.
    Love to you & Mr Bob
    Val x