Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ryan, Susan and Justin in Anchorage, Alaska

On December 21, on 2 different flights, our Alaska family will be arriving for the holidays. I alternate between utter delight and excitement at the idea of their visit and concern, unwarranted perhaps, that they'll be bored to tears by the time they return home on December 30.

I'd hoped Mr. Bob would be back behind the wheel by now, but it's doubtful. My own driving is confined to the borders of Glendale. However, Susan's license is current and she is, along with her brothers, a good driver. Father Bob taught them well.
Ryan & Justin

Here's a question for those of you who are you call it Burbank Airport (as we do) or Bob Hope Airport?


  1. AHHH Tell them all Hi for me. I don't think I have seen them since my Grandparents anniversary party!! That was quite a long time ago!
    Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. George Costanza writes:
    "I've given up hope. I've given up Bob Hope"

  3. Oh, you must be so excited, and I'll bet they're equally excited to be coming. Yikes--they'll have warmth, too!! I was curious what you called the airport, too, since I've flown out of there before and now I'll know what the locals think. Good to know.

    Have a wonderful visit!!

  4. Burbank for sure. We look forward to meeting your family. Cheers, Timi

  5. Haver some fun ! Thay will do what they have to do and I hope it is fun for them also.

    A Non Y MOuse

  6. Oh Bob Hope of course!...You two and so many people at Windsor are fun, not to mention all their is to do in Glebdale..Who could be bored?? The memories from here will go with them back home!!

  7. Susan writes - boredom is not in our vocabulary. We will have an excellent time at Windsor and Glendale. Ryan who is working as a journeyman carpenter, often 6 days a week is looking forward to some down time. Justin loves visiting with people, and visiting and visiting he may appoint himself as the temporary Windsor Manor greeter and position himself at the front door. All three of us are looking forward, and the reason we are coming - spending time with family, just being present. I can hardly wait!!!

  8. I refer to it as Burbank Airport. Susan H