Thursday, December 2, 2010


Bob and Jane in a playful mood, long ago.

Why is it that we remember some things from our pasts so clearly and others not at all and yet other memories are indistinct, recalled as a blur of sorts? Speaking of blurs, sometimes we keep photos that are out of focus, either because we moved the camera or had the setting wrong. We let those pictures stay in our photo library if they capture a mood or the essence of the scene.

I didn't know this couple at all. Taken at Damon's years ago.
It looks for all the world like Tim, our youngest.

Mr. Bob in the Manor library. 

Taken at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Manuel takes good care of us.

Taken on our cruise. A couple of us told the waiter we had no napkin and he whispered, "It's part of the show" and sure 'nuf, it was.

Everything is clear except for my head. I'm checking out the model room at
the Manor.

Lest I lose what I've done so far, I'm not going to leave what I'm doing to check the veracity of what I'm about to tell you, but I think if you ever wish to see a picture more clearly, you can just click on it and it will enlarge. I go through life double clicking, but one click may do it. Check it out.


  1. Hahaaa! A delightful post, and I happen to LOVE these blurry images--they're kind of magical, aren't they! (Oh, and I do believe you can click on images and they enlarge. I know the first one usually does, anyway!)

  2. Great fun ! a NOn O Mouse is thinking of you.

  3. Actually it looks like Tim and me sharing a meal. How funny. susan h.

  4. Hi Jane & Bob!
    Hadn't posted lately, had to open an account to post on other system. Trying this to see how it works...
    The blurry pics are kind of how a lot of my memories are!