Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The Tam O'Shanter was our destination on Tuesday. We were to meet friends at the lunch hour, our only chance to get together this holiday time. Two of the ladies had to cancel at the last minute, one due to a heavy head cold; the other was the grandmother you saw on yesterday's entry. She was busy helping with the baby. Mr. Bob joined us in the role of driving instructor.

We pulled into the parking lot first and decided to wait in the inglenook at the side of a roaring fire. In no time, Karen arrived and we visited until a phone call from Lisa begged directions. She was on the right street, but where was the restaurant? Mr. Bob gives clearer directions than I do, so it wasn't long before she appeared.

All year 'round, the Tam is an attractive setting, but at Christmas it really shines at its coziest.

Once seated, we perused the menu.

Mr. Bob and I chose to share a brisket sandwich with a side of peanut cole slaw and homemade potato chips. With horseradish, of course.

At the carving station, the chef was efficiently quick with the knife, finding the time to be personable which earned him some extra money in the tipping cup.

I'd forgotten that the restaurant is one of the few places that one can still get hot fudge with the C.C. Brown label. It brings back memories of the days in which we could go to the C.C. Brown ice cream emporium on Hollywood Blvd., until "progress" caused the door to be locked forever. So, of course that's what we ordered, and there was no question about sharing this delectable dessert. We each had our own.

The only possible drawback to enjoying a repast with friends is the need to divvy up the check, easier said than done when one has to factor in the tax (9.75% in our neighborhood) and the tip. I find that it takes a little of the delight out of the whole experience...forgive me for complaining. I try not to do that very often. Lunch with good friends was worth every bit of the mathematical annoyance.

One last chance for a photo, a minor inconvenience, to be sure, but everyone's always glad after the fact. 

On the fourteenth of this month, a busload of residents is going to the Tam O'Shanter at 4:30, our usual suppertime. We're signed up and are already dreaming of C.C. Brown's hot fudge. Lucky us!


  1. Ted wants to try out the ribs at Mac's. Oh My ! Will I try?
    O Nom Y Mouse

  2. The restaurant looks beautiful. That fireplace looks like it's the entire length of the wall?! How cozy it all looks. And yes about the picture-taking: So many people complain about it and/or shy away from having their picture taken, but everyone appreciates the captured memories.

  3. Oh dear, have I led Ted astray?I don't know how it would be without the bun for you? Thanks LV & Val, neither of whom I've met in person. You're special.

  4. That looks like a fun spot. And that sandwich is huge--looks like they're very generous portions! I'm drooling over the dessert. Eat some for me!

  5. You've just reminded me to try to go there when they have the carolers singing all dressed up in their lovely costumes from Charles Dicken's day!

  6. Oh my...the whole meal looks tasty...and the choc fudge....Yum!

  7. Edie writes:

    Those pictures made my mouth water! Thank you so much for sending the
    notices when you have added a new one--it's working fine for me. I tried to
    put in a comment once but it didn't work, so I will just keep this way since
    it works!

    You know some very unique restaurants and I feel like I'm visiting them with
    you....thank you!

  8. Diana writes:
    Hi Jane,
    I've been enjoying each of your blogs. They are soooo much fun to read, I've made it a habit to read them each morning with a hot cup of coffee...keep 'em comin' =)
    say hi to Mr. Bob for me please.

    P.S I haven't quite figured out how to respond on your actual blog site, hence my response here...

  9. Jane, you and Mr. Bob are looking better than ever. Is your secret the Tam?! I gonna find it...Happy Holiday to you!
    Louise (Bird)

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