Thursday, December 16, 2010


Tonight's the night we meet our previous longtime neighbors for Chinese food. We've done that once a month for the past few years. But that was after years of carpooling our children to school......the same kids who are now shockingly near to turning 50. We had no idea how well we'd mesh on a social basis, but it's unfolded beautifully and we enjoy each other's company. The reason we stick to Oriental cuisine is that no other restaurant we frequented would give us separate checks and if there's any way to wreck a pleasant evening, it's having to solve mathematical story problems at the end of it. Patrick will give us individual bills for our repast and everyone's happy about it.

So, tonight we'll get to see Montrose at its Christmas best. When we were shopkeepers, many a customer likened the town to Mayberry or Bedford Falls in "It's a Wonderful Life". People came from afar to get into the Christmas spirit in this little town that is anything but crassly commercial. Most of the shops are run by the owners who will do anything and everything to please the customers. Admittedly, several of the little independently owned stores have given up this year and closed their doors in the present financial climate and currently the town seems to have turned into a  restaurant row. There are still some retail stores amongst the restaurants and they pay tribute to the holiday in their window decor.

Time to leave, says Mr. Bob.


We're just home from dinner.

Patrick obliged and took a picture of our group.

Susie wore a shirt that warranted a picture:

3 days until Chris and Owen arrive
4 days until Susan, Ryan and Justin land in Burbank's airport
9 days until Christmas

Ride along with us through Montrose:
Scroll down on the left side until you get to "Christmas"
(second from the bottom)


  1. more time Jane. Makes me want to get up to Montrose and stroll. Thank you for the post.......Love it!

  2. Great posting,,,,, as always. I am glad that you and Max are having fun !
    A Non Y Mouse or LaVona

  3. It does look like an idyllic place. Love those trees all covered with lights up there! Enjoy your family visiting for the holidays!

  4. Montrose is so pretty at this time of year. (It's just missing the snow!) Do you have any pics of the (endless) parade?

  5. Owen and I are trying to keep our colds in check so that we can still come down.

  6. Two days until Justin's birthday, four days until Bob and Jill's birthday, five days until Jesus's birthday, eight days until Kristine's golden birthday.

    Chris and Owen be well!!!!

    susan h