Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Not every Christmas moment is sullen in Mr. Bob's world. This picture was taken so long ago that I don't recall if I set up the shot or if it was a spontaneous act on his part when he kneeled in his shoes and held up a birthday cake Christmas ornament. I loved the moment then and it has equal appeal now.

I recall one year when there were no lighthearted Christmas activities. I purchased a wreath just to have some coniferous fragrance in the house. Never mind procuring and trimming a whole tree; a wreath would have to do. Without a nail to hang it on, I, in frustration, hung it on the shower wand and there it stayed the whole season. A couple of years ago when in December we visited the kids who lived at the time in Oakland, we made reservations at an inn. Upon registering, we went to our room and discovered a wreath in the shower. Christopher had arranged for a staff member to hang it there, explaining that it was a "family tradition". I tried it this year but due to our warm weather we had bought a wreath that was so dried out that it shed needles immediately all over the floor of the shower resulting in a big cleanup job. Out went the wreath.


  1. Max, you are a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A Non Y Mouse

  2. I remember the inn's shower-wreath. I thought that was the dearest thing. What wonderful children you have. :)

  3. Oh my...the picture of Bob in the wreath is as priceless as the rest. Thank you!

  4. Hahaaaa! I love that Christopher did that. "A family tradition." classic. Great photos of Bob. A very happy upcoming birthday to him. We ultimately hold Christmas in our hearts, anyway, right?

  5. LL wrtites:

    Mr. Bob is so cooooool! Because deliver that message with a hug! Linda

  6. How I love the photo of Bob in the wreath ha ha
    Cheers and best wishes to you both for 2011