Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Déja vu all over again. Not long ago a small group of friends met at Tam O'Shanter for lunch and I reported on the event here. Last evening a busload of 20 people from the Manor went to the same place for a holiday dinner. Darkness softens a scene so there was that difference and the number in attendance meant that we sat in our own long, narrow room.

It was a well-behaved group and I was aware of only 1 person declining the salad that was served, opting for French onion soup instead. I'm pretty sure she ordered the salad, and in the way of old folks, forgot, causing the server some extra steps which she took cheerfully enough.

At the end of the table sat a fragile little lady dressed ethereally in wispy lavender. Partway into the meal, I heard Mickey (pictured above) calling Mr. Bob's name and at the same time I saw that no little lady was in sight at the end of the table. For me, it's always a worry when a group of elderly folks is out in public lest a medical emergency arise. People gathered 'round. The downed subject was restored to an upright position.  Thank God. No medical emergency. No harm done. No bones broken. She had simply toppled out of her chair. It was decided that a larger chair might be preferable; a trade was made and dinner progressed uneventfully.

P.S. She thought she lost an earring in the tumble. A thorough search with a flashlight produced nothing. In looking through our photos, I think the earring was missing before she fell from grace. I'll let her know today.


  1. Nice....No fretting...just friends that righted the toppled!!! Nice! And the earring mystery goes back to the Manor? Where might it be? Floor? Jewelery box?????

  2. I have to smile at this post--having enjoyed many dinners with my own parents, I can well relate to the drama that such an outing can entail. Sweet. They all look excited and happy to be out and celebrating with friends.

  3. I hope you had a great time ! She looks sweet .

    A Non Y Mouse

  4. KZ types:
    Some real stories are so poignant you almost think its fiction. Lovely, Jane.

  5. How beautiful she is!

    susan humphrey

  6. John in Colorado write:

  7. Thank you i have enjoyed reading about your outing and the charming lady. Lilian x